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​​​A number of reports, booklets, brochures have been produced in relation to the London Convention and Protocol. The purpose of these resources are to assist Parties and prospective Parties with the implementation at e.g. national level.

Recent publications include:

  • "Waste Assessment Guidelines under the London Convention and Protocol" IMO Publications reference IA531;
  • "The London Protocol – What it is and how to implement it", I533;
  • "Guidelines on low cost, low technology assessment of dredged material", I540
  • "Low cost, low technology field monitoring: assessment of the effects of disposal in marine waters of dredged material or inert, inorganic, geological material", I542;
  • "London Convention  and London Protocol: 2016 edition", which contains the legal texts, a list of resolutions, the prospective amendments, terms of reference for subsidiary bodies, and the rules of procedure for the Meetings, IB532; and 
  • "Carbon dioxide sequestration in sub-seabed geological formations under the London Protocol, 2016 edition",  I546.

Some resources are made available for free in this section, whereas those publications that are published by IMO can be found in the Publications section. Many of the texts can also be found in their original format in the respective meeting documents. These are available for registered users at

25-year scientific review of all radioactive wastes and other radioactive matter

In 1993, when the London Convention was amended to ban the dumping of radioactive wastes or other radioactive matter, the amendment had also included an agreement that within twenty-five years of the entry into force of the amended paragraph 6 of LC annex I, a scientific study, relating to all radioactive wastes and other radioactive matter other than high level wastes or other matter, would review the position of such substances in annex I. The amendment of article 6 of annex I to the Convention entered into force on 20 February 1994, and thus the scientific study should be completed by 2019. Similarly, the London Protocol (annex 1, article 3) provides for an analogous review with the same time frame.

The review was initiated by the Scientific Groups in 2014, and in 2016, having reviewed the resulting study, the governing bodies concluded that there is little reason to believe that additional radiological monitoring or scientific research would yield scientific results that would have any significant bearing on the decision to retain or change the dumping ban. A significant amount of scientific information was available in 1993 when the decision was made to ban ocean dumping of low-level radioactive waste. The information that is available today from the studies that have been performed in the past 20 years is not significantly different from that available 20 years ago. Furthermore, there is little possibility that additional scientific study, even if carried out on a large scale with generous funding support, would yield a substantially different result (LC 38/16, paragraphs 10.1 to 10.5).

Consequently the governing bodies approved the literature review in support of the 25-year scientific study of ocean dumping of radioactive wastes and other radioactive matter (LC 38/16, annex 9 - see link to the right). An edited version in the three working languages will be made available in due course.