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Press Briefings 2018


10/12/2018 Second phase of an IMO-implemented project to enhance safe and environmentally sound ship recycling in Bangladesh launched at stakeholders meeting in Dhaka. Full Story »

07/12/2018 Prestigious International Maritime Prize presented to Mrs. Birgit Sølling Olsen, former Deputy Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority. Full Story »

07/12/2018 Mr. Zhong Haifeng, senior diver, Guangzhou Salvage, made a series of underwater dives to rescue three people from a sunken cargo ship.  Full Story »

06/12/2018 Autonomous and remote-controlled ships are being trialled but seafarers remain indispensable to safe shipping - special session of IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee.  Full Story »

26/11/2018 GloFouling Partnerships project will address the build-up of aquatic organisms on a ship’s underwater hull and on other marine mobile infrastructure.  Full Story »

30/10/2018 IMO pledges to further address the significant problem posed by plastics to the marine environment through a number of measures identified in an action plan. Full Story »

26/10/2018 The complementary MARPOL amendment will prohibit the carriage of non-compliant fuel oil for combustion purposes for propulsion or operation on board a ship - unless the ship has a "scrubber" fitted.  Full Story »

22/10/2018 Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 73) approves programme to follow up on the initial IMO strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships. Full Story »

18/10/2018 A new set of free-of-charge toolkits to assess and address emissions from ships and ports is now available. Full Story »

04/10/2018 The photo competition invited men and women working at sea to share photos of what a “Good day at sea” actually looks like, reflecting their experiences of a positive working environment.  Full Story »

26/09/2018 On 27 September, IMO and the global maritime community celebrate the annual World Maritime Day, under the theme: IMO 70: Our Heritage – Better Shipping for a Better Future. Full Story »

09/07/2018 Mr. Zhong Haifeng, Guangzhou Salvage senior diver, will receive the 2018 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery At Sea for rescuing three people from a sunken cargo ship.  Full Story »

09/07/2018 The 2019 theme will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality, in line with the UN SDGs, and to highlight the contribution of women all over the world to the maritime sector. Full Story »

06/07/2018 Mrs. Birgit Sølling Olsen, former Deputy Director-General of the Danish Maritime Authority, to receive prestigious IMO Prize.  Full Story »

26/06/2018 Seven ASEAN countries launch ambitious MEPSEAS initiative, funded by Norad and implemented by IMO, aimed at improving the environmental health of the seas in the region. Full Story »

25/06/2018 In 2018, on 25 June, IMO is joining the growing momentum within shipping to address the important issue of seafarers’ wellbeing. Full Story »

18/06/2018 How to create better shipping for a better future was a theme running throughout the 2018 IMO World Maritime Day Parallel Event in Szczecin, Poland.  Full Story »

25/05/2018 Scoping exercise begins, to look into how safe, secure and environmentally sound Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship operations may be addressed in IMO instruments. Full Story »

23/04/2018 Ratifications from Canada and Turkey bring key compensation treaty covering the transport of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS) by ship closer to entry into force.  Full Story »

13/04/2018 IMO adopts an initial strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from ships, with a vision which aims to phase them out, as soon as possible in this century.  Full Story »

21/03/2018 IMO video outlines how the Global MTCC Network (GMN) initiative is uniting Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) in targeted regions into a global network. Full Story »

06/03/2018 Seventy years to the day since the treaty establishing IMO was adopted, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II marked the occasion at IMO Headquarters in London.  Full Story »

05/03/2018 Requirements for ships to collect fuel oil consumption data entered into force on 1 March, along with other amendments to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).  Full Story »

08/02/2018 New partnership agreement will help promote sustainable shipping through a range of safety- and environment-focused capacity-building activities in the maritime and port sectors in selected countries. Full Story »

01/01/2018 International convention amended to strengthen seafarers’ rights to shore leave and bring in new measures to prevent stowaways Full Story »