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Press Briefings 2014


23/12/2014 Ships face 0.10% sulphur fuel requirements in emission control areas.  Full Story »

23/12/2014 SOLAS amendments on passenger musters, enclosed spaces and RO Code enter into force. Full Story »

22/12/2014 IMO Secretary-General welcomes ICS position, encourages Governments to ratify BWM treaty.  Full Story »

11/12/2014 IMO joins call to address unsafe sea passages. Full Story »

02/12/2014 Maritime law expert Dr. José Eusebio Salgado y Salgado (Mexico) receives 2013 Prize. Full Story »

26/11/2014 ​​SOLAS amendments to make IGF code mandatory approved.  Full Story »

21/11/2014 International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters and SOLAS amendments to make it mandatory have been adopted. Full Story »

18/11/2014 Captain Andreas Kristensen and his crew of the Britannia Seaways fought raging fire and saved 32 lives.  Full Story »

03/11/2014 Parallel Event focused on “IMO conventions: effective implementation”. Full Story »

24/10/2014 Movement of ships should continue as normal.  Full Story »

23/10/2014 Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) met for its 67th session. Full Story »

20/10/2014 Key step towards mandatory Polar Code achieved.  Full Story »

20/10/2014 Resolutions address type-approval of BWM systems and port State control.  Full Story »

20/10/2014 IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meets 17 to 21 November.  Full Story »

30/09/2014 Facilitation Committee approves revised annex to Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL). Full Story »

25/09/2014 IMO conventions: effective implementation. Full Story »

24/09/2014 Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meets for 67th session from 13 to 17 October.  Full Story »

16/09/2014 New Code of Safety for Ships using Gases or other Low flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code) agreed. Full Story »

04/09/2014 IMO joins international Ebola Travel and Transport Task Force.  Full Story »

01/08/2014 Sec-Gen welcomes GOC report's call for action to mitigate threats to oceans. Full Story »

03/07/2014 11 West and Central Africa countries attending regional workshop. Full Story »

01/07/2014 New requirements for recovery of persons from water enter into force.  Full Story »

25/06/2014 Today June 25th, Day of the Seafarer, we are asking people everywhere to show their appreciation for seafarers. Full Story »

19/06/2014 International Maritime Prize for 2013 to be awarded to Dr. José Eusebio Salgado y Salgado (Mexico). Full Story »

19/06/2014 Pertinent and timely for IMO to focus its attention on the wider spectrum of maritime education and training. Full Story »

19/06/2014 2014 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea to be awarded to Britannia Seaways crew.  Full Story »

18/06/2014 IMO launches Day of the Seafarer 2014 toolkit with exciting animation and virtual wall. Full Story »

02/06/2014 Ministerial meeting agrees to launch process for handing over implementation of the Djibouti Code of Conduct to a new regional structure.  Full Story »

28/05/2014 IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) has approved the draft Polar Code. Formal adoption should follow at its next session in November.  Full Story »

29/04/2014 IMO celebrates the 25th anniversary of the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI),  Full Story »

28/04/2014 Delegates to IMO’s Legal Committee observed silence for the victims of the tragic accident involving the ferry Sewol. Full Story »

23/04/2014 Limits of liability for the death of, or personal injury to, a passenger on a ship are raised with entry into force of 2002 Athens treaty. Full Story »

15/04/2014 The Nairobi International Convention on the Removal Wrecks will enter into force on 14 April 2015 following the deposit, on 14 April 2014, of an instrument of ratification by Denmark, with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  Full Story »

10/04/2014 IMO and the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh agree to work together to improve safety and environmental standards in the country’s ship-recycling industry. Full Story »

07/04/2014 MEPC 66 adopted amendments to the MARPOL Convention to set a date for the implementation of “Tier III” standards within emission control areas (ECAs) and to make the IMO Member State Audit Scheme mandatory. Full Story »

01/04/2014 IMO Regional Seminar on Stowaways in West and Central Africa: Analysis of the current situation and measures to reduce their number held in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.  Full Story »

26/03/2014 Items on MEPC agenda include proposed MARPOL amendments to make audit scheme mandatory; review of draft Polar Code; and implementation of energy-efficiency regulations and the Ballast Water Management and Ship Recycling Conventions. Full Story »

18/03/2014 EU funds €1.2 million grant contract, signed by IMO and the ACP, to enhance flag State implementation and port State control in Western and Central Africa. Full Story »

17/03/2014 Government of Japan contributes US$1.0 million to IMO West and Central Africa Maritime Security Trust Fund. Full Story »

25/02/2014 Guidance on certification requirements for ship security officers and seafarers with designated security duties agreed.  Full Story »

24/01/2014 A number of amendments to SOLAS, MARPOL and the 1988 Load Lines Protocol entered into force or took effect from 1 January 2014.  Full Story »

21/01/2014 IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu has outlined some of the targets, challenges and priorities the Organization will face this year.  Full Story »

21/01/2014 IMO Secretary-General Koji Sekimizu has launched the World Maritime Day theme, expressing hope that the year would see genuine progress towards effective and global implementation of all IMO conventions. Full Story »

03/01/2014 IMO audit teams will shortly be established to verify construction rules for bulk carriers and oil tankers of classification societies which act as recognized organizations, following the receipt of requests for verification.  Full Story »