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20/12/2010 Mandatory International Code for the Application of Fire Test Procedures (2010 FTP Code) adopted by IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at 88th session Full Story »

13/12/2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference has again noted the progress made by IMO on its work plan to limit or reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from international shipping. Full Story »

26/11/2010 72 year-old survivor from yacht that sank off Australia in appalling weather conditions last year was reunited with his rescuer in an emotional ceremony  Full Story »

25/11/2010 IMO circulates proposed draft regulations to make mandatory technical and operational measures to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping, following a request by a number of States Parties to Annex VI of MARPOL Full Story »

22/11/2010 IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meets at the Organization's London Headquarters for its 88th session from 24 November to 3 December 2010 Full Story »

09/11/2010 2010 edition of Life Saving Appliances is now available.  Full Story »

03/11/2010 IMO and Norad sign framework Co-operation Agreement for to make some US$3 million available over a three-year period for marine environment projects Full Story »

02/11/2010 International Maritime Prize for 2009 presented to Mr. Johan Franson (Sweden), for his contribution to maritime safety, security and prevention of pollution from ships  Full Story »

20/10/2010 Assessment Framework for Scientific Research Involving Ocean Fertilization adopted by Parties to the treaties regulating the dumping of wastes at sea.  Full Story »

06/10/2010 MEPC 61 progresses its work on a number of important issues Full Story »

04/10/2010 MEPC made further progress in developing measures to improve the energy efficiency of ships, in order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international shipping. Full Story »

24/09/2010 Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meets for its 61st session from 27 September to 1 October, 2010 at the IMO Headquarters in London. Full Story »

23/09/2010 Year of the Seafarer Full Story »

23/09/2010 IMO Secretary-General welcomes launch of Seafarers’ Rights International Centre; piracy petition presented Full Story »

17/09/2010 In a reply letter to the IMO Secretary-General and heads of international shipping and seafarer organizations Full Story »

27/08/2010 Turkey has signed, subject to ratification, the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009 Full Story »

24/08/2010 IMO and Black Sea Commission (BSC) have jointly organized a workshop to help Black Sea States prepare to ratify IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention Full Story »

23/08/2010 Comprehensive details of l ships’ routeing measures adopted by IMO worldwide in the 2010 edition of Ships’ Routeing Full Story »

29/07/2010 Support from the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to secure the release of hostages Full Story »

14/07/2010 IMO adn industry meet to review Year of the Seafarer, plans to mark the 2011 IMO World Maritime Day theme of “Piracy: orchestrating the response” and progress on climate change from IMO and shipping perspective.  Full Story »

08/07/2010 Mr. Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Transport, visits the Organization’s Headquarters  Full Story »

01/07/2010 Comprehensive package of "ship as its own best lifeboat" passenger ship amendments enter into force  Full Story »

01/07/2010 New and more stringent regulations to reduce harmful emissions of NOx, SOx and particulate matter from ships expected to have a significant beneficial impact on the atmospheric environment and on human health Full Story »

29/06/2010 Russian Federation and Ukraine will be the first countries to benefit from a training programme aimed at helping selected Eastern European countries reduce the risk from harmful organisms and pathogens transferred in ships’ ballast water. Full Story »

28/06/2010  25 June of each year to be the "Day of the Seafarer" Full Story »

25/06/2010 STCW Conference agrees a series of new provisions on the issue of “fitness for duty – hours of rest”, to provide watchkeeping officers aboard ships with sufficient rest periods. Full Story »

25/06/2010 Major revisions to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (the STCW Convention), and its associated Code adopted at Manila Conference. Full Story »

21/06/2010 Diplomatic Conference to consider, for adoption, major revisions to the STCW Convention and its associated Code opened in Manila, Philippines, by the Secretary-General of IMO. Full Story »

11/06/2010  IMO Council agrees a £500,000 transfer from reserves in the Organization’s Technical Co-operation (TC) Fund to provide short-term financial support for the World Maritime University (WMU)  Full Story »

11/06/2010 IMO Secretary-General reiterated the expression of his deep regret for the loss of life and injuries sustained in international waters of the Eastern Mediterranean  Full Story »

11/06/2010 2011 World Maritime Day theme will be "Piracy: orchestrating the response".  Full Story »

21/05/2010 Maritime Safety Committee instigates historic change in the way international standards for ship construction are to be determined and implemented in the future with adoption of goal-based standards.. Full Story »