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COVID-19 - Member States and Associate Members Communications


IMO has received, and circulated, communications from Member states and Associate Members.

Table overview: List of Circular Letters with COVID-19 related notifications received from Member States and Associate Members (updated weekly) - Download PDF 

 Table of Circular Letters


Circular letter



CL.4287 (1 May 2020)

​National measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

CL.4287/Add.1 (19 May 2020)

​National measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic


CL.4223 (18 March 2020)

Contingency plans for ships and Seafarers​


CL.4225 (20 March 2020)​

​Guidance and recommendations – seafarers, certificates, ship surveys, audits, inspections, seaman record book and employment


CL.4285 (30 April 2020)​

​Extension of seafarers' certificates validity and extension of the surveys, audits and inspection windows


CL.4239 (27 March 2020)​

​Information on certificates, MSMD, employment, surveys, audits and Port State Control Measures


CL.4250 (6 April 2020)​

​Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance relating to the certification of seafarers & General Guidance to Operators & Owners of Barbados registered ships


CL.4255 (​7 April 2020)

​COVID-19 measures taken by Belgium


CL.4266 (14 April 2020)

​Extension of validity of documents relating to personnel, ships and platforms

​Brunei Darussalam

CL.4291 (12 May 2020)

​Communication of measures undertaken in relation to COVID-19 virus

​Cabo Verde

CL.4274 (23 April 2020)

​​Cape Verde measures in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak


CL.4226 (20 March 2020)​

​Extending validity of certificates

CL.4226/Add.1 (16 April 2020)

​Update on Canadian Measures to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic


​CL.4273 (21 April 2020)

​Safety of seafarers and the facilitation of sea trade


​CL.4221 (18 March 2020)

​Guidance for ships and seafarers

CL.4221/Add.1 (2 April 2020)

Updates to the guidance given in CL.4221​

​CL.4221/Add.2 (21 April 2020)

​Notice on Extension of Duration of Related Certificates of Chinese Flagged Ships and Chinese Seafarers Engaged in International Voyages

CL.4221/Add.3 (24 April 2020)

​Guidance on How to Handle and Offer Urgent Assistance to Seafarers in Case of Sickness during the pandemic of COVID-19

CL.4221/Add.4 (27 April 2020)

​Guidance on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 for Ports and Its Front Line Staff


CL.4275 (22 April 2020)

​Medidas de Colombia frente a situación COVID-19

​Cook Islands

CL.4263 (14 April 2020)

​Cook Islands measures in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak


CL.4241 (30 March 2020)​

Extension of seafarer's personal documents and employment guidelines


CL.4249 (2 April 2020)​

​Guidelines for seafarer's certificates of competency (CoC) or certificates of proficiency (CoP)


CL.4251 (3 April 2020)

​Urgent Provisional Measures for the operation of Cyprus ships during the Covid-19 outbreak

​Czech Republic

CL.4290 (11 May 2020)

​Measures taken by the Maritime Administration of the Czech Republic to mitigate effects of COVID-19 on seafarers' employment


CL. No.4267 (16 April 2020)

​Prorroga de tiempo de caducidad de matrícula y certificado médico (certificate extension)


CL.4240 (27 March 2020)​

​Extension of certificates​


CL.4272 (21 April 2020)​

​Impact of the emergency situation on the maritime sector


CL.4235 (26 March 2020)​

​Temporary extension of certificates, seafarer books, inspections and information on port state control


CL.4260 (9 April 2020)

​Extension of the validity of maritime personnel certificates during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


CL.4234 (26 March 2020)​

Extension of Certificates and guidelines for seafarers​

CL.4234/Add.1 (17 April 2020)

COVID-19 - Maritime Navigation​

CL.4234/Add.2 (30 April 2020)

Updated ​information note “COVID 19- Maritime Navigation” 


CL.4293 (20 May 2020)

​Recommended Framework of Protocols for Ensuring Safe Ship Crew Changes and Travel during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic


CL.4232 (24 March 2020)

​Extension of validity of STCW Certificates

​CL.4232/Add.1 (17 April 2020)

​On certain measures to be taken in the Georgian seafarers’ certification and training system in connection of the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19


CL.4235 (26 March 2020)

​Measures regarding the issuance and renewal of shipping and seafarer related regulations

CL.4235/Add.2 (22 April 2020)

​Additional comments on German measures concerning COVID-19


CL.​4257 (7 April 2020)

​Extension of the validity of seafarer certificates issued under the provisions of the International Convention for the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 1978 as Amended (STCW)/Maritime Labour Convention 2006 as Amended - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


CL.4241 (30 March 2020)

​Guidelines for certificates, seafarer books, port state control and inspections

CL.4241/Add.1 (3 April 2020)​

​Extension of Inspections, audits, certificates and surveys

​Hong Kong, China

CL.4250 (6 April 2020)​

​Special Arrangements by the Hong Kong Marine Department under COVID-19 Pandemic Situation


CL.4295 (22 May 2020)

​Iceland's measures in response to the novel corona virus COVID-19 pandemic 


​CL.4254 (7 April 2020)

​Regarding Extension to the validity of seafarers' CoC and statutory certificate, periodical Surveys and Audits of lndian Registered Ships in view of Covid 19 outbreak

​CL.4254/Add.1 (22 April 2020)

​Regarding Extension to the validity of Seafarers' CoC and Statutory Certificates, periodical Surveys and Audits of Indian Registered Ships in view of COVID 19 outbreak

CL.4254/Add.2 (30 April 2020)

​Measures adopted by the Indian Maritime Administration in relation to COVID-19

CL.4254/Add.3 (22 May 2020)

​Extension to the validity of Seafarer's Certificates and Ship's Statutory Certificates, periodical Surveys & Audits in view of COVID-19 pandemic

​Iran (Islamic Republic of)

​CL.4216 (11 March 2020)

​Extension of surveys, inspections and certifications

​CL.4216/Add.1 (12 May 2020)

​Extension of Seafarers' Certificates


CL.4233 (25 March 2020)​

​Temporary processes and procedures for seafarers, guidance on surveys/certification and ship inspections

​Indonesia (Republic of)

​CL.No.4268 (16 April 2020)

Contingency plan for seafarers and ship owners/operators ​- Extension of certificates


CL.4231 (24 March 2020)​

​Information on seafarer’s training courses and certificates

CL.4231/Add.1 (2 April 2020)​

Measures to Address Covid-19​

CL.4231/Add.2 (17 April 2020)

​Measures arising from the covid-19 emergency regarding certificates relating to the international conventions 

CL.4231/Add.4 (28 April 2020)

​Renewal of endorsements of certificates of competency (CoC’s) for foreign seafarers.

CL.4231/Add.6 (15 May 2020)

​Measures to Address Covid-19


CL.4264 (14 April 2020)

​Validity of Jamaican certificates consequent to COVID 19 pandemic


CL.4262 (14 April 2020)

Coronavirus and Seafarers' certificates 


CL.4235 (26 March 2020)​

Certification of seafarers​

CL.4235/Add.1 (21 April 2020)

​Actions taken by Jordan Maritime Commission For prevention of COVID-19 


CL.4286 (30 April 2020)

​Government of Kenya measures in respect of disruptions caused by COVID-19 for the maritime industry


CL.4270 (17 April 2020)

​Measures taken by the State of Kuwait in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak on seafarers & ships Certifications


CL.4280 (27 April 2020)

​Measures to the maritime sector due to the impact of COVID-19


CL.4276 (23 April 2020)​

​Contingency measures taken by Lebanese Maritime Administration concerning COVID-19 for Extension of Ships' and Seafarers' Certificates


CL.4270 (17 April 2020)

​Guidance for Seafarers and Shipowners due to COVID-19 


CL.4279 (27 April 2020)

​Measures taken by Lithuania concerning COVID-19


CL.4256 (8 April 2020)​

Extension of expiry dates of CoC and trading Certificates issued to Maldives Flag Vessels for Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic​

​Marshall Islands

CL.4233 (25 March 2020)​

​Policies, guidance and important information regarding COVID-19


CL.4244 (31 March 2020)​

​Extension of maritime documents and employment contracts


CL.4277 (22 April 2020)

​Measures taken by Morocco with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak


CL.4246 (2 April 2020)​

​Extension of STCW and medical certificates for seafarers

CL.4246/Add.2 (17 April 2020)

​Extending the validity of the certificates to the Myanmar registered vessels trading in international voyage due to the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus


CL.4228 (23 March 2020)​

​Contingency plans for ships and fish trawlers

CL.4228/Add.1 (8 April 2020)

​Coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak

​New Zealand

CL.4248 (2 April 2020)​

​Extending the validity of New Zealand Seafarer Certificates

CL.4248/Add.1 (6 April 2020)

'​Temporary' formats for New Zealand STCW and STCW-F certificates


CL.4271 (16 April 2020)

​Extension of validity of Statutory and Trading certificates for all Nigerian Registered vessels including STCW certificates issued by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency and Crew change during COVID-19.

CL.4271/Add.1 (14 May 2020)

​Declaration to keep Nigerian ports open and operational amid COVID-19 pandemic


CL.4231 (24 March 2020)​

Extension of certificates and vessel instructions​

​CL.4231/Add.3 (23 April 2020)

​Extending the validity of all trading certificates and vessel instructions expiring in 2020 for Norwegian-flagged ships

CL.4231/Add.5 (14 May 2020)

​Information on principles for change of crew in Norwegian ports


CL.4239 (27 March 2020)​

​Extension of certificates and seafarer’s documents

CL.4239/Add.1 (4 May 2020)

​General instructions in respect of shipping and port operations


CL.4230 (24 March 2020)​

​Employment agreement and certificates

CL.4230/Add.1 (3 April 2020)​

​Updates to the guidance given in CL.4230

CL.4230/Add.2 (3 April 2020)​

​Guidelines for postponement/extension of statutory certification and service requests

CL.4230/Add.3 (27 April 2020)

​Implementation of new digital services

CL.4230/Add.4 (18 May 2020)

​Statement in support of the recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.


CL.4237 (25 March 2020)​

​​Extension of STCW certificates for seafarers

CL.4237/Add.1 (16 April 2020)

Further extension of validity of STCW certificates of Filipino seafarers currently onboard seagoing ships amid challenges caused by COVID-19​

CL.4237/Add.2 (27 April 2020)

​Advisory on postponement/extension of statutory ship certificates and services


CL.4232 (24 March 2020)​



​CL.4249 (2 April 2020)

​Contingency plans to mitigate disruption to delivered services

​Republic of Korea

CL.4259 (9 April 2020)​

​COVID-19 measures & suggestions for preventing international​ trade disruptions

​Republic of Moldova

CL.4252 (3 April 2020)​

Measures taken by the Naval Agency of Republic of Moldova in the context of coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) outbreak

​CL.4252/Add.1 (9 April 2020)

​Measures taken by the Naval Agency of Republic of Moldova in the context of coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) outbreak


CL.4234 (26 March 2020)​

Extension of certificates​

Russian Federation​

CL.4237 (25 March 2020)​

​Measures and guidelines relating to statutory certificates, certificates of seafarers and seafarer’s employment agreements

CL.4237/Add.5 (20 May 2020)

​Additional urgent measures taken due to the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19

​Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

CL.4248 (2 April 2020)

​Guidance and recommendations – seafarers, certificates, ship surveys, audits, inspections, seaman record book and employment

​CL.4248/Add.2 (18 May 2020)

​COVID-19 Contingency Measures


CL.4239 (27 March 2020)​

Certificates of competency​

Saudi Arabia​

CL.4243 (31 March 2020)​

​Special guidelines for issuing certificates and seafarer maritime documents

​South Africa

CL.4285 (30 April 2020)

​Validity of South African certificates during COVID-19 period


CL.4247 (3 April 2020)​

​Certificates (medical, CoC, CoP, training etc)

CL.4247/Add.1 (17 April 2020)​

Measures to minimize the effects of the occurred sanitary crisis of COVID-19 in the field of the merchant marine

CL.4247/Add.2 (1 May 2020)

​Measures to allow seafarers to cross the borders and transit through Spanish territory, in order to ensure the provision of maritime transport services and fishing activity during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19

CL.4247/Add.3 (11 May 2020)

​Measures to minimize the effects of the occurred sanitary crisis of COVID-19 in the field of the merchant marine

​Sri Lanka

CL.4237 (25 March 2020)

​Guidance relating to certificates and contract of employment of Seafarers

CL.4237/Add.3 (28 April 2020)

​General information on further measures adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka due to COVID-19 pandemic

CL.4237/Add.4 (18 May 2020)

​Updates to Sri Lanka measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic


CL.4245 (1 April 2020)​

​Extension of surveys, inspections and certifications


CL.4258 (8 April 2020)

​Extension of statutory supervision and issuance/endorsement of certificates due to COVID-19 for international voyage vessels flying Thai Flag


CL.4245 (1 April 2020)​

​Extension of Certificates


​CL.4268 (16 April 2020)

​Extension of seafarers' employment agreement service period and certificates of endorsement


CL.4278 (27 April 2020)

​COVID-19 measures taken by the Republic of Uganda


CL.4232 (24 March 2020)​

​Extension of STCW certificates and employment contracts for seafarers

​CL.4232/Add.2 (21 April 2020)

​Measures adopted and enforced by Ukraine with respect to COVID-19 combating

​​United Arab Emirates

CL.4242 (31 March 2020)​

​Horns of hope​

​United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

CL.4236 (26 March 2020)

​Seafarer welfare, transit and transfer information

​United Republic of Tanzania

CL.4288 (11 May 2020)

​Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance relating to documentation and certification of seafarers

​United States of America

CL.4281 (27 April 2020)

​​Guidance and recommendations to assist ship owners and operators, mariners and port facilities


CL.4283 (29 April 2020)

​Vanuatu's measures in relation to COVID-19

​Viet Nam

CL.4246 (2 April 2020)​

Seafarer certificates​

​CL.4246/Add.1 (9 April 2020)

​​The extension of the ship's existing statutory certificates and the extension or postponement of the surveys, audits or inspections for Vietnamese flagged ships in situations of force majeure due to COVID-19 pandemic