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Day of the Seafarer 2012

It came by sea and I can’t live without it

Click here for Message by Koji Sekimizu, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization.

See the video below.

Imagine an item that you simply couldn’t live without. Maybe it’s your music player, or a pen, or your computer, something you use every day in your work, a piece of medical equipment or just your favourite toy. Now stop and think: did that item, or any part of that item, or any of the materials from which that item has been made, come by sea? The chances are, the answer is “yes”.


25 June 2012 marked the second international Day of the Seafarer. On that day, IMO asked people around the world to use social networks to highlight just how important seafarers are to everyone on the planet, as they transport all over the world those vital items, commodities and components which are so vital to all our daily lives, adding  the campaign slogan: “thank you seafarers”.

Seafarers leave their homes and families, often for long periods to ensure that essential items and commodities on which our lives depend arrive safely at our homes.

Day of the Seafarer is an innovative campaign that harnesses the power of social media to raise awareness of seafarers and their unique role. Everyone, regardless of where they live, can join the campaign online.

So, on 25 June, you can join in by:

o Sharing your post on Facebook, if you have pictures, videos or any special message, please share them on our wall.
o Sending us a message @IMOHQ and @SeafarerDay using hashtag #thankyouseafarer
o On pinterest, you can pin a picture of your chosen object with the caption “Day of the Seafarer”

We invite participants to download the toolkits available here and join the campaign: (@IMOHQ) (@SeafarerDay)


For more information please contact:


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