The ISPS Code database may be accessed via the IMO website, by following the links to "Maritime Security" and by selecting ISPS Code database; or using the URL

Access details of organizational contacts

Details of Ports and Port Facilities
Security Arrangements

(Limited to the nominated National Contact Point for each Contracting Government - password protected)


1 Select "Public Login" for read only information and contact details from Contracting Governments.

2 Using the drop down list, select a Country name;

3 Click on the "Login" button;

4 The Organizational Contacts menu will appear giving read only details of:

  • National authorities responsible for ship security;
  • National authorities responsible for port facility security;
  • Proper recipients of Ship Security Alert System alerts;
  • Proper recipients of maritime security related communications from other Contracting Governments;
  • Proper recipients of requests for assistance with security incidents; and
  • Names of recognized security organizations (RSOs) approved by Contacting Governments.

5 This screen also gives access details of Port and Port Facilities and Security Arrangements by using the appropriate links at the top of the page.

6 To access details of organizational contacts:

  • 1 Select a Member State from the drop down list;
  • 2 Select the type(s) of Organizational Contact about which you require information by clicking in the box(es) on the left (you can view more than one category at a time).
  • 3 Click on the yellow "Submit details" button;
  • 4 Scroll down to the "search results" table;
  • 5 Select the "view" button to display further details.

7 To access read only details on ports and port facilities; click ports and ports facilities, at the top of the page.

Note: It is only possible to view information on ports and port facilities of the State you have logged into. To view information from other State, log out using the "Log out" command at the top of the page, then log in again under the name of the State that you are interested in.

Details of Ports and Port Facilities

8 The lower drop down menu on this page, entitled "List of ports", gives the major ports known in the Country being viewed, with their port ID numbers and UN locator codes. These details are provided as a resource to assist Contracting Governments to provide full details of the location of their port facilities, but have no other significance in terms of maritime security. Inclusion of port details in this list does not imply that the port is operational, open to international shipping or ISPS Code compliant.

9 The upper drop down menu entitled "List of Port Facilities" gives details of those port facilities (as defined in SOLAS regulation XI-2/13.1.9) identified by the Contracting Government in question. Inclusion of a port facility in this list does not automatically imply that the port facility is in compliance with the ISPS Code. For full details of each port facility, including confirmation of its security status, select the name of the facility from the drop down list and click on the "view" button. This will enable the you to view full details of the port facility and to determine if the port facility has an approved security plan.

Security Arrangements

10 Click on Security Arrangements at the top of the page will enable you to view details of Alternative and Equivalent security arrangements (SOLAS regulations XI-2/11 and XI-2/12) entered into by the State that you are logged in as. Click on the appropriate "view" button for full details.


11 Read/Write Access is limited to the nominated National Contact Point for each Contracting Government (and those delegated by them to act on their behalf) to whom a passcode has been issued by the Organization. This passcode gives read/write access to the records of the State to which it applies only. In other words, Contracting Governments can amend their own records, but have read only access to other States' information. Please note that this passcode is not the same as that normally used by Contracting Governments to access the websites for meeting documents etc.

12 Logging in via "Member State Login" using the correct password will enable the "submit", "add", "edit", and "delete" buttons, thus allowing you to input, amend, update and add information entered with respect to your State.

13 Select "Member State Login" for read/write access.

14 Using the drop down list, select the name of your State.

15 Enter your password.

16 Click on the "Login" button.

17 A screen will appear that gives the options of amending your own records or viewing another States records (read only). Select your option and click on "Proceed"

18 Selecting option 2: "View Member State Details (Read Only)" will confer read only access, as described in paragraphs 1 to 10 above.

19 Selecting option 1: Amend "Member State Details" will take you to a screen displaying the national contact point with the Organization for maritime security. The full record may be accessed by clicking on the "view/edit" button. To amend this record, make the changes to the text then click on the yellow "Submit Details" button. This screen also gives account to Organizational Contacts, details of Port and Port Facilities, and Security Arrangements.

Organizational Contacts

20 To enter or amend details of national organizational contacts (SOLAS regulation XI 2/13.1 and .2 refer), follow the link at the top of the page to the "Organizational Contacts" page.

21 Click on "Add a contact" The drop down list "Type of Contact" gives six options (but defaults to "National Authorities responsible for ship security" unless an alternative is selected. Enter the rest of the details for each organizational contact as required. As this information is displayed on an open website, consideration should be given to the use of titles rather than individual names and to the merits of including personal telephone numbers. The text input box entitled "Conditions of authority - RSOs only" should only be completed in cases when the Contracting Government has authorized the use of Recognized Security Organizations (SOLAS regulation XI-2/13.2 refers). On completion, click on the yellow "Submit Details" box.

22 Details of Organizational Contacts may be amended using the "edit" feature on "search results table" on the Organizational Contacts page.

Ports and Port Facilities (refer also to paragraphs 8 and 9 above)

23 To add a port facility, select the main port with which it is geographically linked from the "List of Ports" and click on the "Add" button. (The five letter UN location code is allocated by the United Nations, the first two letters identifying the State, the last three identifying the port. The port number is the port number used by Lloyds Register Fairplay in their Port Guide). If no suitable main port is listed, please contact the Organization ( so that a suitable record may be created.

24 The form for inputting details of a port facility will automatically identify the associated main port, its UN locator code and port facility number. When allocating the port facility name, consideration should be given to using a prefix, for example the last three letters of the UN location code. This will cause port facilities within the same geographical location to appear together in the list of port facilities displayed on the "Ports and Port Facilities" page.

25 The "Assigned port facility number" should be selected to identify each port facility within each port. Where the whole port is being classified as a single port facility, this can be left as 0000. Care should be taken to avoid duplication of assigned port facility numbers within each major port, however there is no problem with having two port facilities in different ports having the same four digit reference.

26 The latitude and longitude of a reference point within the port facility may be entered to further clarify the geographical location of that port facility.

27 On completion of data input, click on the yellow "Submit Details" box.

Security Arrangements

28 The "Security Arrangements" page allows you to enter and amend details of alternative security agreements and equivalent security arrangements made under the auspices of SOLAS regulations XI-2/11 and XI-2/12 respectively. Those relating to port facilities are linked to the list of port facilities input in the "Ports and Port Facilities" page (paragraphs 23 to 27 above). To enter details of security arrangements, follow the prompts given on the "Security arrangements" page.