Archive - 2004 Press Briefings

Maritime Security measures under the spotlight at IMO safety meeting - 28/5/2004
Briefing 21/2004: Security measures need urgent priority, MSC agrees. SOLAS and SAR amendments on treatment of persons in distress at sea adopted.

Air pollution rules to enter into force in 2005 - 26/5/2004
Briefing 20/2004: MARPOL Annex VI enters into force on 19 May 2005

IMO Safety meeting recommends international fund to set up African search and rescue services for ships in distress - 18/5/2004
Briefing 19/2004: SAR fund would establish and maintain MRCCs and MRSCs for Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Maritime security measures under the spotlight at IMO safety meeting - 11/5/2004
Briefing 18/2004: Maritime Safety Committee to consider issues relating to implementation of ISPS Code on 1 July 2004.

Flurry of activity as 2002 Athens Protocol signature period ends - 30/4/2004
Briefing 17/2004: Period for signature of 2002 Protocol ends 30 April 2004

IMO Technical co-operation programme enhances ISPS Code implementation - 19/4/2004
Briefing 16/2004: Multi-faceted programme in full swing as deadline approaches

Revised ship sewage regulations adopted at IMO meeting - 6/4/2004
Briefing 15/2004: MEPC adopts revised MARPOL Annex IV

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