Archive - 2000 Press Briefings
press briefings issued in 2000

IMO reaches agreement on single-hull tanker phase-out - 6/10/2000
IMO has achieved the first, formal step towards a global timetable for the accelerated phasing-out of single-hull oil tankers, with the approval by the 45th session of its Marine Environment Protection Committee of a working group report on proposed amendments to MARPOL 73/78.

Conference agrees to early winding up of 1971 oil pollution compensation fund - 29/9/2000
Contracting Parties to the 1971 International Convention on the Establishment of an International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage (IOPC Fund) have signed a Protocol allowing for the early winding-up of the 1971 Fund, which was established to provide compensation to victims of oil pollution from ships carrying oil as cargo.

Seafarers memorial - winning proposal - 28/9/2000
Renowned British sculptor Michael Sandle has been chosen to create a memorial to the world’s seafarers at IMO's riverside headquarters on the Albert Embankment in London

World Maritime Day 2000 - Building Maritime Partnerships - 28/9/2000
IMO is the right and only place where issues concerning international shipping safety and environmental protection should be considered and adopted, according to Mr. William A. O'Neil, Secretary-General of IMO, in his annual World Maritime Day message

International Maritime Prize goes to Ian Williams of Australia - 27/9/2000
The prestigious International Maritime Prize for 1999 has been awarded to Mr. Ian Mills Williams, former Manager for IMO Relations at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

Seafarers memorial - shortlist - 15/9/2000
IMO has announced a short list of three leading sculptors to create a memorial to the world’s seafarers at the Organization’s riverside headquarters on the Albert Embankment in London.

IMO orders study to assess impact of Erika proposals - 18/8/2000
IMO has commissioned a study to assess the likely impact of proposals, made in the wake of the Erika incident, to advance the dates for the phasing out of single hulled oil tankers.

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