Archive - 2000 Press Briefings
press briefings issued in 2000

IMO Sub-Committee acts on ERIKA incident - 20/7/2000
IMO's Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation has approved a new mandatory ship-reporting system which would be applicable in the central English Channel, making it easier to track and communicate with ships in the area.

IMO commissions seafarers’ memorial for London HQ - 1/6/2000
IMO has announced a short list of three leading sculptors to create a memorial to the world’s seafarers at the organization’s riverside headquarters on the Albert Embankment in London.

IMO Secretary-General calls for review of safety of large passenger ships - 12/5/2000
The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of IMO has agreed to undertake a global consideration of safety issues pertaining to passenger ships, with particular emphasis on large cruise ships, in response to a proposal by IMO Secretary-General, Mr. William A. O`Neil.

Tonga joins IMO - 21/3/2000
The latest IMO Member is Tonga, whose instrument accepting the IMO Convention was deposited with the United Nations on 23 February 2000.

MEPC adopts MARPOL amendments to delete tainting as pollutant criterion - 15/3/2000
The MEPC has adopted amendments to MARPOL 73/78 Annex III (Prevention of Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form) to delete tainting as a criterion for marine pollutants from the Guidelines for the identification of harmful substances in packaged form.

IMO adopts OPRC-HNS Protocol - 15/3/2000
IMO has adopted a new protocol aimed at providing a global framework for international co﷓operation in combating major incidents or threats of marine pollution from ships carrying Hazardous and Noxious Substances, such as chemicals.

IMO/Industry meeting considers proliferation of ship inspections - 9/2/2000
A meeting to consider possible solutions to problems caused by the proliferation of ship inspections was held at IMO.

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