Archive - 2001 Press Briefings
Press briefings issued in 2001

Environmental issues take centre stage at IMO meeting - 30/4/2001
Briefing 11/2001: At the end of a week-long meeting of the Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 46, April 23rd – 27th), delegates from IMO’s 158 member States agreed to a number of important new measures aimed at further increasing protection of the marine environment from pollution. Among them is a timetable that will see most single-hull oil tankers eliminated by 2015 or earlier.

Oil Tanker design under scrutiny at IMO environmental meeting - 23/4/2001
Briefing 09/2001: A new global timetable for accelerating the phase-out of single-hull oil tankers is one of a raft of significant environmental measures to be addressed by the 46th session of the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) which meets April 23rd – 27th.

Governments seek IMO help in fight against piracy - 30/3/2001
Briefing 08/2001: A meeting initiated by IMO to address growing concern about the level and severity of attacks in south-east Asia took place in Singapore on 15 and 16 March 2001. It brought together representatives from Asian and Pacific countries that either experience extensive piracy or armed robbery activities in waters off their coasts or which it was felt could play a substantial role in addressing the problem due to their strategic location in relation to the most affected areas.

First phase of East Asia’s Marine Electronic Highway takes off - 24/3/2001
Briefing 07/2001: The first steps to creating an innovative Marine Electronic Highway in East Asia have been taken, following a meeting in Malaysia to launch the development of the Marine Electronic Highway Project, which aims to create an integrated system of physical infrastructure, hardware and software, processes and resources to improve the safety of navigation and the prevention of marine pollution in the busy seas of the area.

IMO adopts bunkers convention - 23/3/2001
Briefing 06/2001: A new convention on liability and compensation for pollution from ships' bunkers will close the last major gap in the regime for compensating victims of oil spills from ships.

IMO leads new anti-piracy initiative - 13/3/2001
Briefing 05/2001: A team of senior IMO officials is undertaking a high-level mission to southeast Asia this week to initiate the second phase of the Organization’s latest anti-piracy project.

Yugoslavia joins IMO - 21/2/2001
Briefing 03/2001: The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has become a member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), following its deposit, on 11 December 2000, of an instrument of acceptance of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization, as amended, with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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