Archive - 2001 Press Briefings
Press briefings issued in 2001

“Places of refuge” – a priority issue for IMO - 13/6/2001
Briefing 16/2001:IMO’s Member Governments have pledged to tackle the issue of providing places of refuge to vessels in distress as a matter of priority. The decision by IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) to look at the problem comes in the wake of the incident earlier this year in which the salvors of the fully-laden tanker Castor were unable to find a sheltered place to effect cargo transfer and repairs for some 35 days. The incident sparked a great deal of concern about the provision of refuge for ships in distress.

Dramatic increase in piracy and armed robbery - 13/6/2001
Briefing 17/2001:The number of acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships reported to the IMO during 2000 was up by more than 50 per cent over the equivalent figure for 1999, the Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee was told last week. The Committee invited all Governments (of flag, port and coastal States) and the industry to intensify their efforts to eradicate to eradicate these unlawful acts.

STCW White List expanded - 11/6/2001
Briefing 15/2001:The so-called “White List” of countries assessed to be properly implementing the revised STCW Convention (STCW 95) has been updated by IMO.

IMO calls for papers for Third International R&D Forum - 4/6/2001
Briefing 14/2001: IMO is calling for papers for the Third International R&D Forum on High-Density Oil Spill Response, to be held in Brest, France from 11-13 March 2002.

Safety Committee responds to concern over vessels in distress - 30/5/2001
Briefing 13/2001: A packed agenda for the 74th meeting of the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) will raise a host of safety-related topics, including sheltered waters for vessels in distress, progress on the STCW White List and the safety of large passenger vessels. The meeting will take place at IMO Headquarters in London from 30 May to 8 June 2001, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Tom Allen from the United Kingdom.

Draft Guidelines on abandonment, personal injury and death of seafarers developed by IMO/ILO Working Group - 8/5/2001
Briefing 12/2001: In a move aimed at improving the working conditions and ensuring the basic human rights of seafarers, States are to be formally urged to require shipowners to provide adequate financial security to cover claims from seafarers in cases of abandonment, personal injury and death. Two new draft resolutions and associated Guidlelines were finalized by a joint IMO/ILO Working Group on Friday, 4 May, marking the successful completion of an initiative that began following submissions to the IMO Legal Committee and the ILO Governing Body during 1998 and 1999.

New global timetable to phase-out single-hull tankers agreed - 30/4/2001
Briefing 10/2001: In a landmark decision for the cause of safer shipping and cleaner oceans, IMO has approved a new global timetable for accelerating the phase-out of single-hull oil tankers.

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