Archive - 2001 Press Briefings
Press briefings issued in 2001

World Maritime Day 2001: IMO - Globalization and the Role of the Seafarer - 27/9/2001
Briefing 24/2001: The seafarer - a vital component of globalization, says IMO Secretary-General.

IMO welcomes ISM Code study: ISM Code - phase 2 ships - 25/9/2001
Briefing 22/2001: IMO has welcomed the results of a study confirming that shipowners implementing the ISM Code can expect a reduction in hull claims of 30% or better.

IMO set to adopt convention on control of harmful anti-fouling systems for ships - 25/9/2001
Briefing 23/2001: Diplomatic Conference to adopt new Convention on control of harmful anti-fouling systems for ships to be held 1-5 October.

Comoros Islands joins IMO - 13/9/2001
Briefing 21/2001: IMO Membership now stands at 159

Sub-Committee develops framework for IMO work on places of refuge - 13/7/2001
Briefing 20/2001:IMO’s Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation has agreed a plan of work to address the issue of places of refuge for vessels in need. The work in the Sub-Committee followed instructions from IMO’s senior technical body, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), which agreed at its 74th session which ended 8 June to look at the problem of places of refuge for ships in distress.

Maritime Safety Committee – 74th session: 30 May – 8 June 2001 - 26/6/2001
Briefing 19/2001:IMO’s Member Governments pledged at IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) to tackle the issue of providing places of refuge to vessels in distress as matter of priority. Other issues on a packed agenda included the updating of the STCW “White List” and the safety of large passenger vessels.

IMO Secretary-General’s contract renewed for a further two years - 19/6/2001
Briefing 18/2001:IMO Secretary-General William O’Neil is to continue to serve the Organization until the end of 2003 following the decision by the IMO Council to approve a two-year extension to his contract.

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