IMO calls for papers for Third International R&D Forum

IMO is calling for papers for the Third International R&D Forum on High-Density Oil Spill Response, to be held in Brest, France from 11-13 March 2002.

The Forum, which will examine research and development of new technology in oil spill response, particularly regarding spills of high density or heavy oils like bunker oil, is being organized by IMO in co-operation with French authorities. The Forum is co-sponsored by Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, United States and the European Commission.

A number of accidents  - including the Nakhodka in 1997 or the Erika in 1999 and, more recently, the Baltic Carrier  - have highlighted the need for the international maritime community to look in depth at how coastal States can respond effectively to high-density oil spills. The Forum will therefore focus on practical issues relating to pollution by high-density oils, including the following main topics:

  1. Detection;
  2. Behaviour and fate of spilt oil;
  3. At-sea response, containment and recovery; and
  4. Transport, storage and disposal of waste collected at sea.

The call for papers has been posted on the IMO website.

Submission of papers

The Forum Steering Committee is inviting the submission of papers of relevance to the conduct and management of oil spill research and development, together with reports, findings or proposals relating to new avenues of research.

Material for displays can also be submitted.

As a first step, anyone interested in submitting a paper should send an abstract to IMO for circulation among Steering Committee members for comments and approval.

The Steering Committee will consider all abstracts related to the four main topics of the Forum submitted by 13 July 2001.

Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail only to the following address:, or in case of necessity by fax: + 44 (0)20 7587 3210.

The abstract should be a summary, not an introduction. It should present the main results and conclusions, with an indication of how they have been formulated.

Submission of abstracts from commercial entities and private individuals is encouraged; however, they should focus on technical aspects and must not be commercial or promotional in nature.

Previous R&D Fora

The first and second International Research and Development Fora on oil spill response issues were held in McLean (USA, 1992) and London (1995), in accordance with article 8 of the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC), 1990, which calls on governments and IMO to play an active role in the promotion of R&D relating to the enhancement of the state-of-the-art of pollution preparedness and response through the exchange of information.

“Towards safer and cleaner seas” 11-16 March 2002, Brest, France

The Third IMO R&D Forum will take place alongside a week-long series of international events dedicated to maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment, organized by the Brest Urban Community, in co-operation with IMO, European Commission, and the following organizations: CEDRE (French Centre for Research into Accidental Pollution of the Seas/Centre de Documentation, de Recherche et d’Expérimentations sur les pollutions accidentelles des eaux), SYCOPOL (French Oil Spill Control Association), BOSCA (British Oil Spill Control Association), and NOSCA (Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association).

Planned events in the programme “Towards safer and cleaner seas” include:

  • Maritime safety: History and evolution (Seminar)
  • Interspill 2002 (Exhibition)
  • Erika & other Spills  - Technical Lessons (Scientific Conference)

For further information on these events, please visit

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