Archive - 2002 Press Briefings

IMO environmental meeting approves new measures on ballast water management for ships - 26/3/2002
Briefing 15/2002: Among important issues addressed at 47th Marine Environmental Protection Committee were design suggestions for ballast water options in new ships.

Republic of San Marino joins IMO - 25/3/2002
Briefing 14/2002: The Republic of San Marino becomes a Member of IMO.

Informal Meeting on Bulk Carrier Safety - 22/3/2002
Briefing 13/2002:An informal meeting to consider bulk carrier safety agreed the approach currently being taken within IMO is right but more work needs to be done

Oil spill experts address high-density oil spills - 22/3/2002
Briefing 12/2002: At R&D meeting in Brest (France) leading world experts in oil spill response agree series of recommendations for high-density spills in future.

Secretary-General calls for unity on bulk carrier safety - 20/3/2002
Briefing 11/2002: IMO Secretary-General highlights need for widespread and concerted efforts to improve bulk carrier safety.

Ballast water management and ship recycling on agenda at IMO environmental meeting - 1/3/2002
Briefing 10/2002:IMO to address ballast water management, recycling of ships and air pollution issues at MEPC meeting, 4-8 March.

IMO agrees raft of measures to bolster ship security - 18/2/2002
Briefing 09/2002: Security working group recommendations to go before MSC 75.

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