Archive - 2002 Press Briefings

IMO adopts new regulations for bulk carriers - 23/12/2002
Briefing 43/2002:IMO has adopted new regulations for bulk carriers during 76th session of IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). Other issues included maritime security and places of refuge

IMO adopts comprehensive maritime security measures - 17/12/2002
Briefing 42/2002:A new, comprehensive security regime for international shipping is set to enter into force in July 2004

Historic maritime security conference to adopt comprehensive new security measures for international shipping - 10/12/2002
Briefing 41/2002:Secretary-General speaks of historic global significance

IMO set to adopt comprehensive maritime security measures - 9/12/2002
Briefing 40/2002:Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Security begins at IMO

International Maritime Prize goes to Dr. Giuliano Pattofatto of Italy - 4/12/2002
Briefing 39/2002: International Maritime Prize 2001 awarded posthumously

Security issues, bulk carrier safety top agenda at IMO safety meeting - 30/11/2002
Briefing 38/2002: Maritime Safety Committee meets 2-13 December 2002

United States Senate sees international security standards as critical in letter to IMO Secretary-General - 26/11/2002
Briefing 37/2002: US Senate supports international maritime security measures

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