IMO restructuring reflects heightened emphasis on maritime security

The IMO Secretariat has been restructured in order to ensure a systematic and consistent approach to maritime security issues.  The Navigation Section of the Maritime Safety Division (MSD) has been re-designated as the Navigational Safety and Maritime Security Section.  In addition to its traditional duties pertaining to the work of the Sub-Committees on Safety of Navigation (NAV) and on Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue (COMSAR), the new section will be responsible for regulatory matters relating to the prevention and suppression of acts of terrorism against shipping. 

It will continue to bear responsibility for matters relating to piracy and armed robbery against ships and, in co-operation with the Technical Co-operation Implementation and Project Management Section of the Maritime Safety Division, will assist the Technical Co-operation Division in the delivery of technical co-operation projects relevant to maritime security.  It will also act as the focal point in MSD for the implementation, from the safety point of view, of resolution A.920(22) on the review of safety measures and procedures for the treatment of persons rescued at sea.

The re-structuring reflects IMO’s continuing pro-active approach to the issue of maritime security, which is the subject of a special Intersessional Working Group of the Maritime Safety Committee meeting this week (11- 15 February).


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