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How and Where to Find IMO … DWS (A) 41 TO 50 (Russian) … DWS 1 to 11 (Russian) … DWS (A) 31 TO 32 (Russian) … DWS (A) 51 TO 60 (Russian) … DWS (A) 71 TO 80 (Russian) … DWS (A) 81 TO 90 (Russian) …
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available in English. Many are translated into French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. … For your convenience, the 2014 publications catalogue lists all titles issued in printed and …
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Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Oceans … IMO is the United Nations' specialized agency … languages of the Organization: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. …
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Strategic and High-level Action Plans and procedures … IMO What it is... brochure Russian … As a specialized agency of the … http://spe1:33189/About/Documents/IMO What It is Russian.pdf …
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IMO adopts international shipping regulations but it is the responsibility of Governments to implement those regulations. IMO has developed an Integrated Technical Cooperation … Russian
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15/10/2014 ​​The new Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Brazil to International Organizations, H.E. Mr. Fred Arruda, paid a courtesy call to IMO Headquarters yesterday, and …
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Code listing: Digital (e-books, e-reader files, CD, DVD, electronic downloads and internet subscriptions) … Code listing: Hard copy format only …  Russian
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How and Where to Find IMO Information … Ships and Shipping Facts and Figures … to the Government of Mexico, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and …
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Strategic and High-level Action Plans and procedures … IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea … World Maritime University (WMU) and International Maritime Law Institute … Russian logo …
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ISBN 978-92-801-1594-9 … International Convention on Safe Containers 1972 (CSC 1972), 2014 Russian Edition IC282R … ISBN 978-92-801-5944-3 … 2010 HNS Convention, 2013 Chinese Edition IA479C …
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