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National workshop on maritime security, risk assessment and risk management in Callao, Peru 5 - 7 February 2013

July 29, 2013

This workshop was designed to improve the knowledge and understanding of participants with respect to the maritime risk management concept as required by the ISPS Code for port facilities and ships. The workshop focussed on the available methodologies for assessing risks in the maritime environment and, in particular, on maritime security. A further objective was to identify the specific role of each of the government agencies in the prevention, incident development and post-incident phases of a crisis situation.

Of particular importance was the exchange of views, experience and knowledge amongst participating government organizations in order to identify shortcomings in crisis communication or the potential lack of co-operation in solving maritime security-related crime. It was also envisaged to highlight areas of possible conflicting interests related to security incidents, as well as any overlapping of competencies between law enforcement agencies.
About 35 Participants attended the course comprising representatives from Bolivia, Colombia and the host country Peru.


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