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Myanmar: National seminar on maritime security training for seafarers and Administration including LRIT and security communications, 7 - 10 May 2013

July 30, 2013

This activity is a follow-up workshop to the March 2012 workshop on ISPS Code Refresher Training and was requested by the delegation of Myanmar after attending the Sub-Regional workshop on maritime security and LRIT in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2012. Whereas the ISPS Code Refresher Training course focused primarily on enhancing port facility security, this activity prioritized ship security and seafarer training as well as the use of the LRIT system. When requesting this technical co-operation activity, the Myanmar Department of Marine Administration (DMA) expressed vital interest in seafarer security training as this was one of the priorities for the Myanmar Department of Marine Administration (DMA).
The objective was to expand their activities on security-related training, bearing in mind the latest security-related amendments to the STCW Convention and its Code (Manila Amendments). Further, the Administration requested information on the application range and efficient use of the LRIT system.