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Reviewing National Legislation

A number of international organizations are seeking to assess and assist with national legislations. The IMO Project Implementation Unit is particularly interested in two aspects of piracy legislation:
a. Does a State have its sea-going law-enforcement agencies empowered to conduct arrests under its piracy legislation and are these forces trained in empowering this legislation?
b. Does a State have sufficient piracy legislation to make it a worthy benefactor of counter-piracy capacity building activities?
A workshop to address the process of enforcing national piracy law at sea, and what the justice process requires to achieve prosecution was held in March 2011 in Djibouti and was repeated later in that year in Mombasa. It aims to bring together maritime law administrators, enforcers and prosecutors to show the multi-agency approach required to successfully deliver national legislation at sea. Two follow-up workshops were organised in 2012 in Jordan and the Seychelles.