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Recognized Organizations

Information submitted by Member States under MSC/Circ.1010-MEPC/Circ.382 on flag States' authorizations to carry out surveys and issue certificates on their behalf is available in the Recognized Organizations module of GISIS.

The Sub-Committee on Flag State Implementation (FSI) developed a new code for recognized organizations (ROs), with discussion on its purpose, framework and structure, based on all existing requirements and recommendations of IMO instruments regarding recognized organizations. Some important resolutions relating to ROs include resolutions A.739(18) on Guidelines for the authorization of organizations acting on behalf of the Administration and A.789(19) on Specifications on the survey and certification functions of recognized organizations acting on behalf of the Administration.

The Code provides a consolidated instrument containing criteria against which ROs are assessed and authorized/recognized, and gives guidance for subsequent monitoring of ROs by Administrations.

The Code for recognized organizations (RO Code) was adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee, at its 65th session, by means of resolution MEPC.237(65) and by the Maritime Safety Committee, at its 92nd session, by means of resolution MSC.349(92). The Committees also adopted amendments to mandatory instruments which are expected to enter into force on 1 January 2015 by means of resolutions MEPC.238(65), MSC.350(92) and MSC.356(92) to make parts 1 and 2 of the Code mandatory under MARPOL annexes I and II, SOLAS and the 1988 Load Line Protocol.


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