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Technical Cooperation Activities

The IMO has designed an Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme (ITCP) which is to assist Governments which lack the technical knowledge and resources that are needed to operate a shipping industry successfully.  The ITCP is developed through the collective efforts of the Technical Co-operation Division, the Maritime Safety Division, the Marine Environment Division and the Legal Division.

The implementation of the activities in the ITCP is similarly allocated to the various Divisions.

Within the Maritime Safety Division is the TC Implementation Co-ordination (TCIC) Section which acts as the unique focal point of the Division for matters requiring co-ordination of the input and output from the Maritime Safety Division into the development of the biennial Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme (ITCP) to ensure consistency with the Thematic Priorities established by the maritime Safety Committee and the Facilitation Committee.
TCIC is responsible for maintaining a constant monitoring of all TC-related activities in the Division. On the basis of the information collected, this Section is requested to provide continuous administrative and technical backstopping in conjunction with Implementing Officers (IOs) in the Maritime Safety Division.

In addition, the TCIC Section also implements a number of activities and also acts as the focal point for the implementation of all technical co-operation activities relating to safety, security and facilitation within the Division.  The Section provides progress report to every session of Maritime Safety Committee under agenda item on Technical assistance sub-programme in maritime safety and security.