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Revised Recommendations on the safe transport of dangerous cargoes and related activities in port areas

The Revised Recommendations on the safe transport of dangerous cargoes and related activities in port areas were approved as MSC.1/Circ.1216 by the Maritime Safety Committee at its eighty-second session (29 November to 8 December 2006), recognizing the need to align the relevant provisions of the Recommendations with those of the IMDG Code, as amended, and with the ISPS Code concerning security provisions.


The contents of the 109-page circular include:
1 Introduction
2 Application and definitions
2.1 Application
2.2 Definitions
3 Warehouses, terminal areas and infrastructure
3.1 General
3.2 Land use planning
3.3 Considerations for specific dangerous cargoes
3.4 Specific considerations for warehouses and terminal areas
4 Training
4.1 Regulatory authorities
4.2 Management
4.3 Personnel (cargo interests, berth operators and ships)
4.4 Training content
5 Security provisions
6 Responsibilities
6.1 Role of regulatory authorities
6.2 Role of port authorities
6.3 Role of berth operators and cargo interests
6.4 Awareness
7 General recommendations for regulatory authorities, port authorities, ships, berth operators and cargo interests
7.1 Regulatory authorities and port authorities
7.2 Ships carrying dangerous cargoes
7.3 Shore installations
7.4 Cargo interests
8 Dangerous cargoes in packaged form
8.1 Documentation
8.2 Supervision
8.3 Information for operational and emergency purposes
8.4 General handling precautions
9 Liquid bulk dangerous cargoes (including liquefied gas)
9.1 General
9.2 Ships carrying liquid bulk dangerous cargoes
9.3 Shore installations
9.4 Handling
9.5 Special categories
9.6 Combination carriers
10 Solid bulk dangerous cargoes
10.1 Documentation
10.2 Responsibility for compliance
10.3 Emission of harmful dusts
10.4 Emission of dangerous vapour/oxygen deficiency
10.5 Emission of explosive dusts
10.6 Spontaneously combustible substances and substances that react with water
10.7 Oxidizing substances
10.8 Incompatible materials
Annex 1 Advance notification
Annex 2 Transport and handling of explosives of class 1
Annex 3 Segregation of radioactive materials on shore
Annex 4 Minimum safety requirements for carrying out hot work
Annex 5 Bunkering precautions, including bunkering checklist
Annex 6 Alphabetical index of cross-references between recommendations in sections 3 and 7
Annex 7 Guide to fumigation
Appendix 1 Glossary of terminology of relevance to the handling of dangerous cargoes
Appendix 2 Selected bibliography list of internationally recognized codes and guides relevant to the transport and handling of dangerous cargoes in port areas