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Invitation of the Correspondence Group to amend the Facilitation Convention

The Organization has issued Circular Letter No.3249 inviting IMO Member States, Contracting Governments to the FAL Convention, Intergovernmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Status, to participate actively in the Correspondence Group to amend the FAL Convention.
Amendments to the FAL Convention are necessary in order to bring the existing provisions up to date, to harmonize the Annex with other instruments, to modernize the actual provisions and to ease the flow of international maritime transport around the world.
Contracting Governments are  encouraged to designate a focal point to coordinate the inputs from the different parties involved, on a national basis, in order to facilitate the work of the Correspondence Group

Master’s administrative burdens when ship call ports

The urgent need for harmonizing standards at ports serving international shipping and simplifying documentation requirements to facilitate the smooth and rapid transit of ships was the subject of a presentation made by Denmark during the thirty-eighth session of the Facilitation Committee (FAL 38) held at IMO headquarters from 8 to 12 April 2013.
A Danish master mariner, Captain Christian Rørbeck, gave a lively presentation on the administrative burdens that he has faced in connection with port calls around the world during his many years as a Master. He focused, inter alia, on FAL forms and the many local variants of these ‘standard’ documents around the world, and even in different ports of the same country, thus leading to bureaucratic overload and adding to the challenges that a master finds when the ship calls at a port.