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Oil tankers - regulation 20/21 implementation

Communication of information under regulations 20 and 21 of MARPOL Annex I

In accordance with the requirement of regulation 20, Administrations are allowed, in specific cases, to extend the operating life of certain types of oil tankers beyond the phase-out dates set out in paragraph .4 of the regulation.  The Administration which applies these extensions is required to communicate to the Organization particulars thereof for circulation to Parties to MARPOL.

Regulation 20 also entitles a Party to the Convention to deny entry into its ports or offshore terminals of oil tankers operating under those extensions and this information shall again be communicated to the Organization for circulation to Parties.
Regulation 21 provides similar entitlements for Administrations, though, given the purpose of this regulation, those are related to the carriage of heavy grade oil beyond the dates specified in paragraph 4.  The requirements for communication of information, denial of entry and circulation to Parties follow closely those set out in
regulation 20.
Communications received by the Organization are disseminated as MEPC circulars both in hard copy and in electronic format as shown hereunder.