Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements for dumping activities
Reporting requirements under Article VI (4) of the Convention and under Article 9.4 of the Protocol include:
1. Annual report on all permits issued, including NIL report when no permits are issued; and
2. Annual report on monitoring activities undertaken.
The form for reporting (Excel), as well as the explanatory notes, can be downloaded from the links to the right, as well as .
A report is also required on emergency permits or in cases of force majeure (as soon as possible). The procedures for force majeure/emergencies cases is found at the link to the right.
Illegal Dumping Incidents
Under Article VII of the London Convention, Contracting Parties agreed to co-operate in the reporting of vessels and aircraft observed dumping in contravention of the Convention. The Protocol contains a similar provision (Article 10.3).
The Dumping Incident Form and guidance for completing it can be found under the menu to the left.