BWM Guidelines

Several articles and regulations of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (the Ballast Water Management Convention) refer to guidelines to be developed by the Organization and Conference resolution 1 invites IMO to develop these guidelines as a matter of urgency and adopt them as soon as practicable, and in any case before the entry into force of the Convention, with a view to facilitate global and uniform implementation of the instrument.

In a commendable effort to facilitate the process, the IMO Member States have developed 14 sets of Guidelines from July 2005 to October 2008.  This outstanding and probably unique output in the working history of MEPC, would have not been possible without the dedication of the BWWG and the technical support of BLG, FSI and DE Sub-Committees.

It should be noted that due to the complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of the problem posed by the aquatic invasive species in ships ballast water, the work is in its pioneering phase and knowledge is only now gathering in this respect. The Guidelines are kept under review by the MEPC and will be updated as new technologies emerge and additional knowledge becomes available.

The following Guidelines relating to the uniform implementation of the BWM Convention have been developed and adopted since MEPC 53:

  • Guidelines for sediment reception facilities (G1) (resolution MEPC.152(55))
  • Guidelines for ballast water sampling (G2) (resolution MEPC.173(58))
  • Guidelines for ballast water management equivalent compliance (G3) (resolution MEPC.123(53))
  • Guidelines for ballast water management and development of ballast water management plans (G4) (resolution MEPC.127(53))
  • Guidelines for ballast water reception facilities (G5) (resolution MEPC.153(55))
  • Guidelines for ballast water exchange (G6) (resolution MEPC.124(53))
  • Guidelines for risk assessment under regulation A-4 of the BWM Convention (G7) (resolution MEPC.162(56))
  • Guidelines for approval of ballast water management systems (G8) (resolution MEPC.174(58))
  • Procedure for approval of ballast water management systems that make use of Active Substances (G9) (resolution MEPC.169(57))
  • Guidelines for approval and oversight of prototype ballast water treatment technology programmes (G10) (resolution MEPC.140(54))
  • Guidelines for ballast water exchange design and construction standards (G11) (resolution MEPC.149(55))
  • Guidelines on design and construction to facilitate sediment control on ships (G12) (resolution MEPC.209(63))
  • Guidelines for additional measures regarding ballast water management including emergency situations (G13) (resolution MEPC.161(56))
  • Guidelines on designation of areas for ballast water exchange (G14) (resolution MEPC.151(55))
  • Guidelines for ballast water exchange in the Antarctic treaty area (resolution MEPC.163(56))

 The Guidelines and other relevant guidance documents can be found here.


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