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IMO Translation Services

The IMO Translation Services provide round-the-clock support to meetings, as well as language support to editorial committees, ensuring that deadlines are consistently met during all the stages of document production. 

The Translation Services include six translation sections:
  • Arabic Translation Section  (2nd floor)
  • Chinese Translation Section  (2nd floor)
  • English Translation Section  (2nd floor)
  • French Translation Section  (4th floor)
  • Russian Translation Section  (2nd floor)
  • Spanish Translation Section  (3rd floor)

and three Word Processing Units:

  • English Word Processing Unit  (3rd floor)
  • French Word Processing Unit  (4th floor)
  • Spanish Word Processing Unit  (3rd floor) 

Multilingualism at IMO

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO gives considerable importance to the multilingual component of its work, which allows the Organization to be even more effective in communicating its message across the world for safer shipping and cleaner oceans.
The language teams at IMO are made up of highly skilled in-house translators and freelance interpreters working in the six languages of the Organization. 


IMO Official Languages

The six official languages at IMO are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.


IMO Working Languages

The three working languages at IMO are: English, French and Spanish.


Translation of Documents

All documents are available in the three working languages.

Only the reports of Committees, Assembly Resolutions and Council Decisions are available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian.