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Terminology & References

IMO Terminology & Reference Services

The Terminology & Reference Services provides linguistic support to the Translation Services, interpreters, external translators and other users.

TRS maintains a terminological database, known as IMOTerm, with over 30,000 entries in the six official languages of the Organization, and provides essential reference material to translators, interpreters and other UN agencies.

TRS also performs terminological or reference searches as requested, and manages a translation memory for translators and other users (IMO Textbases).  Finally, TRS compiles multilingual glossaries on subjects related to IMO's activities.


Access to IMOTerm and IMO Textbases from outside IMO is restricted at present. However, you can access both applications in the PCs at the IMO Business Centre, on the 1st floor, and on the public PCs at the Maritime Knowledge Centre (MKC), on the 3rd floor.

TRS is located on the 3rd floor, rear wing.

Please contact if you have any queries or requests regarding IMO terminology or references.


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