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Terms and conditions

1.  In order to achieve the correct balance between publicity on the Organization's work and the proper conduct of meetings of Committees and subsidiary bodies, as well as to maintain an environment which will ensure a free and open exchange of views on subjects occasionally on the agenda of IMO bodies, it will be expected that:

· the media reports accurately the outcome of discussions; and
· named speakers will not be quoted without their prior consent.

2.  Committees, their subsidiary bodies and/or the Organization retain the right to reply seeking rectification of any published inaccuracies.

3.  Recording, filming or photographing of the meeting proceedings without permission will not be allowed.

4.  Committees or subsidiary bodies may exclude the media from attending some or all of their deliberations if they decide that their presence would:

· breach any undertakings of confidentiality relating to material or information being provided to the Committee or the subsidiary body concerned;
· create a potential security risk; or
· have a negative impact on the efficient and effective conduct of the Committee's business.

5.  Meetings of working groups and drafting groups established by Committees and subsidiary bodies will be held in camera.