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"It is the genuine right of the future generations of people that will be living on earth to still find a planet that can offer the necessary means, in particular energy resources, fresh water and a healthy climate, to provide for a decent standard of living.  Respecting that right is the duty of today's generation."  Frans Van Rompuy, Chairman of the Administrative Board, European  Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)
An extensive source of information on contemporary shipping, maritime topics and current maritime industry issues.  BIMCO is in the process of transferring this info on Wikipedia.
Sea Vision UK   Over 190 organizations from across the wider maritime sector, at sea and ashore, have joined together in Sea Vision UK  more
The Maritime Industry Foundation. The Maritime Industry Foundation was established by the Round Table (BIMCO, ICS, Intercargo, INTERTANKO) in 2005. The aim of the Foundation is to enrich human knowledge and understanding of the vital roles of maritime transport and commercial shipping in the economic, social, political and cultural life of the global environment.
 ShippingFacts - published by the Round Table of International Shipping Association 
UN Atlas of the Oceans Transport and Telecommunications section 
Videotel/International Chamber of Shipping : DVD : 2006 : International Shipping - Life Blood of World Trade (English/Spanish/French/Arabic/Chinese/Japanese)
World Maritime Day website:  

World Shipping Council educational resources on the container industry