Maritime Transport


N.B. These performance indicators are regularly published in an IMO Document which can be accessed via IMODOCS

Other data sources:
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Information is also available from :

UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport

The Review of Maritime Transport is one of UNCTAD´s flagship publications, published annually since 1968. It reports on the worldwide evolution of shipping, ports and multimodal transport related to the major traffics of liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers.
Clarksons (Databases, newsletters, reports etc..)
Equasis Annual statistics
Eurostat  ( European Countries only)
Fearnleys (Databases, newsletters, reports)
Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (Bremen) Databases, Statistical Yearbook etc..)
Lloyd's Shipping Intelligence (databases, Yearbooks, Directories)
Maritime Intelligence and Publications: IHS Fairplay ( Databases, magazines includes yearly "World Fleet Statistics", "World Casualty Statistics" "World Shipbuilding Statistics" etc..)
Moore Stephens  (Shippping Finance)
SSY online (Sympson, Spence and Young)
Cruise industry statistics :
The Complex Network of Global Cargo Ship Movements (P. Kaluka, A. Kolzsch, M. Gastener and B.Blasius
Safety and Shipping 1912-2012: From the Titanic to Costa Concordia (Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality (AGCS) report based on research from Cardiff University's Seafarers' International Research Center,
Historical data:
World Fleet Statistics-  Statistical Tables 1878 to date (World Fleet Statistics since 1992)   see Lloyd's Register Library Information Sheet