Transport by Sea

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National Maritime Museum(UK) - Kids Stuff

National Maritime Museum (UK) - Learning Resources

Follow the fleet
On this site you can find out where our merchant ships are and how they got there, follow the ships from port to port. You can also find out Who works on the ships, what the ships carry, What the captains say, How the weather affects, the sea, and much more . . .

Sea Vision UK  - working with schools

Shipping and Freight Resources - explains the processes of shipping and freight

US Coast Guard Kid's Corner

Maritime Industry Foundation Knowledge Centre

BIMCO: Seascapes

An extensive source of information on contemporary shipping, maritime topics and current maritime industry issues. BIMCO is in the process of transferring this info on Wikipedia.


Sea Vision UK Over 190 organizations from across the wider maritime sector, at sea and ashore, have joined together in Sea Vision UK more



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