UNEP - TUNZA for Children

The programme is based on a strategy that aims to provide young people with information and tools on how to "treat Mother Earth with care" and how to Act for a better world.

IMO - Just for Kids

Black Tide

Cedre, the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre), designed and produced this learning guide in partnership with Total and with input from IPIECA, in order to help you to understand more about oil spills.

Helmepa Junior
The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association HELMEPA has a special web site for its junior members.

WWF Go Wild

The Worldwide Fund for Nature WWF, which has consultative status at IMO, has a special resource site for school kids.

Boomerang Box

A large container that carries cargo around the world by ship, train and truck

Follow the fleet

On this site you can find out where our merchant ships are and how they got there, follow the ships from port to port. You can also find out Who works on the ships, what the ships carry, What the captains say, How the weather affects, the sea, and much more . . .

Marine Pollution One

The website will help you navigate through the causes, effects, and responses to oil pollution, toxic contaminants, marine debris, and ocean mining and dumping.

Center for Marine Conservation
- The mission of The Ocean Conservancy is to protect ocean ecosystems and conserve the global abundance and diversity of marine wildlife.

Kids pages on Oil in the Sea

Several agencies and organizations working to prevent discharges of oils into the marine and coastal environment offer educational material and special activities for children and students.

Kids against marine litter

Several agencies and organizations working with the issue of marine litter (marine debris) offer educational material and special activities for children.

Fish FAQ
"A bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish"

Australian Maritime Safety Authority - Education resources and information

The pages provide information and educational material about the marine environment. Copies of material may be made and distributed for community education purposes without infringing copyright.

UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Educational tools and materials available online.


is a dedicated website on the sea for school children and youngsters. The website provides an avenue for presenting knowledge on the marine environment in an appealing form to children and teenagers, through the use of interactive games, fora, surveys and informative featured articles