A/ Documents of the IMO Assembly.
A/CONF. 162/ Documents of the Conference of Plenipotentiaries on a Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages. United Nations- Geneva
A/CONF.188/ Diplomatic Conference on Arrest of Ships. United Nations - Geneva
AJIL American Journal of International Law
ARROYO 1 Arroyo, Ignacio: Convenios Internacionales Maritimos. 3 vols. Barcelona, Libreria Bosch, 1986, ISBN 7698-000-0. Spanish text
ARROYO 2 Anuario de Derecho Maritimo. Escuela de Administracion Maritima, Govierno Vasco. Spanish Text. Spanish Text
ARROYO 3 International Maritime Conventions. Deventer/Boston, Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, 1991, ISBN 9065444408 (N.B amendments incorporated in text)
ATS Australian Treaty Series Australian Government 1948 - (printed) 1927- (electronic)
BFSP British and Foreign States Papers. London, Foreign Office
BGBL Bundesgesetzblatt (Germany). German text
Burhenne International Environmental Law/ Droit international del'environnement/ Internationales Umweltrecht. Multilateral Treaties/ Traités multilatéraux/Multilaterale Verträge. Edited by W.E. Burhenne, Executive-Governor, IUCN, Environmental Law Centre. The Hague, Kluwer Law International, May 1997, Looseleaf 8 volumes (up/incl. Sup. 53) ISBN/ISSN: 9041107576
C Documents of the IMO Council
CanTS Canadian Treaty Series
Cd, Cm,Cmd, Cmnd UK Command Papers
Churchill New Directions in the Law of the Sea. Oceana Publications Inc/British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 1973- 11 vols. ISBN 0-379-00029-6 (series)
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DJI Documents juridiques internationaux. Montreal: Societe quebecoise de droit international
DSB United States Department of State Bulletin. Washington. 1939-1989
EPL Environmental Policy and Law. Lausanne, Elsevier, Sequoia. 1975-
ES Extraordinary Session
Global Global Electronic Database of Multilateral MarineTreaties and Agreements. CD-ROM published by Kluwer Law International. Ed Richard Herr, Siobhan McCann, Edmond Chia, Kate Jackson. May 1999. ISBN 90-411-1070-4
ILM International Legal Materials.. American Society of International Law, Washington. 1962-
IMO Document: IMO Document reference
IMO-Vega  For latest edition of IMO-VEGA see the Publications Catalogue.
IMO CD/Res IMO Resolutions on CD-ROM.Contains all Assembly Resolutions from 1959 in English and French and from the third session 1963 in Spanish
Ind JIL Indian Journal of International Law
IOPCF International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund 1992. Texts of the 1992 Convention on Liability and Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage. 2001 edition. London, IOPCF, 2001 (English text)
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JDI Journal du droit international. French text, some English text.
JOF Journal Officiel. French Text
JMLC Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
JSCT Joint Standing Committee on Treaties - Parliament of Australia
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LDC Documents of the London Dumping Convention Secretariat (now LC) (E/F/S)
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MEPC Documents of the Marine Environment Protection Committee
Misc UK Command Papers. Miscellaneous series
MSC Documents of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (E/F/S)
New Dir. New Directions in the Law of the Sea. Vols I-XI, looseleaf). Oceana Publications, 1977
NIA National Interest Analysis Australian Parliament.(Analyses of tabled treaties not printed.) 1996-
NTIR Nordisk Tidsskrift for International Ret
NZTS New Zealand Treaty Series New Zealand Government. 1944-
OPPR/CONF/ IMO Documents from the Conference on International Co-operation on Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response (E/F/S)
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RMC The Ratification of Maritime Conventions. Edited by the Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton. London, Lloyd's of London Press, 1990, loose-leaf. ISBN 1 -85044-301-7 N.B. Vol I refers to status information and vol II provides the text. A CD-ROM accompanies the series
SATS South Africa Treaty Series
SD Select Documents on International Affairs: Texts of International Treaties and Conventions Australian Government Nos. 10 (1966)-
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Singh (2) International Maritime Law Conventions (British Shipping Laws). London, Stevens & Sons, 1983, vols 1 to 4
S.Ex. Senate Executive Document. US Congress - US
SOLAS CD SOLAS Convention on CD. IMO.
ST/LEG/SER.B/… United Nations Legislative Series
Tetley Tetley, W. Maritime Liens and Claims 2nd ed., Montreal, International Shipping Publications, 1998 ISBN 2-89451-227-9
TIAS Treaties and Other International Acts Series United States Government. 1945-
UKTS United Kingdom Treaty Series H.M. Stationery Office(The Stationery Office from 1 October 1996). 1892- N.B. Where two Command numbers are cited, the earlier will have been published prior to entry into force for the UK.
UNJYB United Nations Juridical Yearbook. United Nations, 1962-; also published in Spanish as Naciones Unidas - Anuario Juridico and in French as Nations Unies - Annuaire Juridique
UNTS United Nations Treaty Series. United Nations, New York, pursuant to Article 102 of Charter (UNTS 1 p. xiii). 1859 volumes to end 1998. 1945- Published in various languages, see citation section of instrument
UD Unification du Droit/Unification of Law, Rome, UNIDROIT (1948-1972) English/French texts
US DOS United States Department of State. Documents. Washington, 1973-
UST US Treaty Series 1778-1945 .United States Treaty Series United States Government. Merged into TIAS.
US Treaty Doc United States Congress. Senate. Treaty Document. Washington, 1987-
VERT Verträge der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Series A. Multilaterale Verträge (in German, sometimes French and English texts provided)

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