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Index of IMO Resolutions

Legal (LEG)

November 18, 2013

When indicated in the text of the resolution, the status has been included; notes on status also originate from the List of codes and recommendations, guidelines and other safety-and- security- related non-mandatory instruments (MSC.1/Circ.1371 and its updates). It has not always been possible to ascertain the current status of all resolutions and the information given may, therefore, not be complete or current. You are therefore advised to consult your national maritime administration which is the appropriate channel for dissemination of IMO information. You will find addresses on our website under National Contacts.
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Resolution Title Status
LEG.5(99) Adoption of amendments of the limitation amounts in the protocol of 1996 to the convention on limitation of liability for maritime claims, 1976​
LEG.4(91) Revised Annex II to MARPOL 73/78 (Implications for the reference in article 1.5(a)(ii) of the HNS convention to “Noxious liquid substances carried in bulk”)
LEG.3(91) Adoption of guidelines on fair treatment of seafarers in the event of a maritime accident
LEG.2(82) ​Adoption of amendments of the limits of compensation in the protocol of 1992 to amend the international convention on the establishment of an international fund for compensation for oil pollution damage
LEG.1(82) Adoption of amendments of the limitation amounts in the protocol of 1992 to amend the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1969
Maritime Knowledge Centre: 23 May 2012