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Information in other languages

The working languages of the Organization are English, French and Spanish. The other official languages are Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

IMO Publications 

The main publications are available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish; they can be consulted in the Maritime Knowledge Centre or purchased online.

The catalogue of IMO publications (codes, conventions, guidelines etc..) is available on the website together with a list of distributors worldwide.

The Maritime Knowledge Centre retains a paper copy of all IMO documents and publications.

IMO Documents :IMODOCS

Meetings documents, circular letters, circulars, notes verbales and the programme of meetings are available in English, French and Spanish on the website in the IMODOCS database (1998-). Some are also available in Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Access to the password protected database is limited to Member States, Inter-Governmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations. IMODOCS (public) contains most IMO documents except documents for forthcoming or ongoing meetings, working papers and council documents which are restricted.

World Maritime Day : the Secretary-General's message can be found in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

FOCUS ON IMO- Information sheets in English, French and Spanish although still available for research purposes on the website, are no longer maintained and the researcher should refer to the various subjects on the website.

The catalogue "SeaLibrary" contains bibliographic references to IMO documents in English;Non-IMO publications cannot be provided for copyright reasons.

IMO Terminology & Reference Section

The Terminology & Reference Section (TRS) provides linguistic support to the Translation Services, interpreters, external translators and other users.
TRS maintains a terminological database, known as IMOTerm, with over 30,000 entries in the six official languages of the Organization, and provides essential reference material to translators, interpreters and other UN agencies.
TRS also performs terminological or reference searches as requested, and manages a translation memory for translators and other users (IMO Textbases).  Finally, TRS compiles multilingual glossaries on subjects related to IMO's activities.  For further information please contact




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