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MKC Current Awareness Bulletin

Sharing Maritime Knowledge

April 7, 2014

The aim of the MKC Current Awareness Bulletin (CAB) is to provide a digest of  news and publications focusing on subject areas related to the work of IMO.  Each CAB presents the previous months' headlines as they appeared in the original publications.  Links to abstracts and complete articles on publishers' sites are included when available, though access to complete articles may require payment or subscription. 
The MKC Current Awareness Bulletin is published monthly as a PDF and distributed free of charge.  If you would like to subscribe to the CAB, please send us an email and you will receive notification when the Current Awareness Bulletin is ready.

If you were a subscriber to the CAB prior to August 2012, you may have noticed you have not been receiving notifications. Due to the changes in our email system in August 2012, we lost our mailing list records.  Please subscribe again if you would like to resume receiving notification when new issues of the CAB are available. 

Below are links to PDFs of the MKC Current Awareness Bulletin from the current and the previous years.

CAB 207 February 2014 rev.pdfFebruary 2014