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Contact us at IMO

Gisis Contact Points: 

Carriage of dangerous goods - the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) - contact information for the designated national competent authority  MSC.1/Circ.1410  subsequent issues  see  MSC.1 Circ.  on IMODOCS

Contact names and addresses -safe carriage of grain and solid bulk cargoes check BC Circulars on IMODOCS

National contact points for safety and pollution prevention and response (for future issues check MSC-MEPC.6/Circ....  on IMODOCS 

Focal points designated by Member Governments for communication with the Secretary-General (for future issues check the INF documents of the latest session of Assembly on IMODOCS

National and International organizations for facilitation purposes (for future issues check FAL.5/Circ... on IMODOCS

Convention on the prevention of Marine Pollution By Dumping of Wastes and Other matters - National focal points  (for future issues check LC-LP.1/Circ on IMODOCS


IMO identification number scheme

The list of participants at IMO meetings is also  a good source of information to contact experts in the field

IMO Directory of Maritime Links : includes inter alia links to national maritime administrations and organizations listed by categories and countries

Intergovernmental Organizations which have concluded agreements of co-operation with IMO

Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Status According to Interests/Activities   see IMO document C 108/15 (d) 1 of 11 April 2012  on IMODOCS

Non-Governmental international Organizations which have been granted consultative status with IMO

​​​Affiliated Bodies and Programmes - GESAMP, GloBallast Partnerships, London Convention,REMPEITC- Carib, REMPEC,

PEMSEA, Marine Electronic Highway, Global Marine Liter Information Gateway

World Maritime University

IMO International Maritime Law Institute