Searching the Compendium of Maritime Training Institutes (CMTI)

To access the institutes' data select the Search CMTI database link from the navigation bar. Specify the search criteria from the Search Form in order to filter the existing institutes to only those of interest. The search is exclusive, which means that the conditions are joined with 'AND' rather than with 'OR'. Click on the Submit button to send your criteria.
The Search Result page contains a list of condensed information about maritime institutes matching your criteria. Click on the name of any particular institute to see additional details in the Institute Details page.

Submitting a new institute data to CMTI

Click on the Submit Institute Data link from the navigation bar. You need to login by sending the valid Member name and Password. Only authorized parties can submit maritime institute data to CMTI. Once at the Submit Institute Data page, fill in all the required information about your institute. Supply a valid e-mail address; it will be used by IMO to respond with an institute acceptance confirmation or to contact the user in case any additional information be necessary. Click on the Submit button to send the data form to the server.
Please be aware that the successfully submitted institute's data may not be automatically available online. The data will first have to be accepted by CMTI authorities. Once the institute's data has been approved it will be available online and you will receive an e-mail notification.

Revising an existing institutes' data

Important: you must Login before revising or editing any institute data.

You can change or revise the data of an institute submitted by your organization by using the Search CMTI link from the navigation bar to locate your project, and open the institute's Detail Page by clicking on its name. Click on the Revise button. Your institute data is displayed in the Submit Institute Data Form. Change the fields' contents where appropriate. Click on the Submit button. The institute's data revision details will be subject to the same screening and approval procedure as above, prior to being incorporated into the database.

Login and logout

Please make sure you click on the Login/Logout link from the navigation bar when you have finished submitting or revising the institute's data.

More information

Any queries regarding CMTI can be addressed to the Technical Co-operation Division through or