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IMO at Rio+20

IMO participated in the Rio+20 conference and explained how international shipping contributes significantly to the three pillars of sustainable development, the eradication of poverty and the widespread development of green growth. IMO also presented its vision of a framework for Sustainable Maritime Development.

Shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective method of international transportation for most goods; it provides a dependable, low cost means of transporting goods globally, facilitating commerce and helping to create prosperity among nations and peoples.

IMO at Rio+20 not only highlighted the huge contribution already being made by shipping and by IMO towards greater sustainability, it also showcased the many positive and pro-active steps that are currently being taken to ensure that shipping continues to serve the needs of an expanding global population while becoming greener, more efficient and more effective.
IMO hosted a side-event on 20 June called: 

Sustainable Maritime Development - Contribution of Maritime Transport to Green Growth and Inclusive Development
Watch our video coverage of IMO at Rio+20:

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